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About the 4th Of July BBQ Template

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The Fourth of July or July 4th, depending on which you prefer, is definitely a day for celebrating for all Americans, and what better way than to make the most of some glorious July weather and hold a barbecue. Of course, if you’re going to have a barbecue, then apart from meat, you’re going to need some guests. Now, you could take a risk, buy half a steer and empty the local Walmart of all its beer and just spread the word you’re having a barbecue, but that might backfire and see you having to eat meat for the next six months! So, perhaps best to take some precautions and let your friends know, ideally well in advance, you’re throwing a party to celebrate your fine nations Independence.

We’ve already given you a great start with one of America’s most famous landmarks as a backdrop, so all you now have to do is just add some names (the date’s already filled in!!) and perhaps some advice on what to bring and not to bring and then you’ve got the choice of sending the invitations out ‘the old fashioned way’ – in the post, or you can also send it in an email.