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About the Back To School Template

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Is it a case of tears and tantrums or quiet acceptance? No, we’re not talking about the children, but the parents who hate the fact their little loved ones seem keener to get back to school than spend another day at home entertaining mom or dad. Who are you going to have to play games with, kick a ball around with or bake cakes with as you nurse heartfelt feelings of total abandonment? Of course, perhaps as being the adult in the relationship you should adopt a slightly more mature approach to thing.

On a more serious note, some children dread going back to school and make their feelings about the matter crystal clear through pretty unpleasant behaviour, this time the tears being more those of fear than anything else. So, how do you reward them and try to turn a negative experience into a positive one in order to water down the memories for when the next holiday ends?

We reckon that a Back to School Certificate will work better than any words of comfort and will be a treasured reward that lets your child know just how proud you are of them and that you understand just how much it took for them to return to school. You can include some photos of them, some of their favourite TV characters or gaming heroes just to make it super-personal and to add just that little extra bit of thoughtfulness thanks to the handy design toolkit we include with all our certificates.