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About the Best Halloween Mummy Award Template

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Before you get too excited, this is not a certificate for the mother who has sweated blood, putting her life and soul into the creation of the most wonderful fancy dress costume for their precious young ones. Sorry. No, this is a great certificate which you can present to the person who is wearing the best ‘mummy’ costume. You know who we mean as there is always one parent who forgets it is Halloween and panics when their child comes home from school that afternoon, excited beyond belief to find out what costume their mom’s lovingly created for them. We’re talking about that perennial ‘safety net’, the mummy costume, which usually involves raiding the first aid cabinet for bandages, the grabbing of a white sheet that has seen better days, and copious rolls of toilet paper!

The mummy has never been most kids favourite, so to make up for their disappointment, how about creating a certificate for them for when they return from their evening’s ‘hard work’? Of course, maybe you’re the one who forgot it was Halloween. So, this certificate will double up as a wonderful ‘get out of jail free’ card, if you know what we mean. You can also check out our other great Halloween fancy dress cards, or just get creative yourself with our easy-to-use design tools – the sky’s the limit!