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About the Best Halloween Vampire Award Template

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Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without vampires, so our Best Halloween Vampire Award will prove to be indispensable and will round the evening off perfectly for the proud, and (over)excited individual who, hopefully, is a young child! If it is your own child, we’re sure you have had great fun dressing them up, the ‘icing’ on the cake being a set of false fangs that, once in place, remind you that you haven’t booked an appointment with the dentist for ages. Now, time to rummage through the cupboards to see what you can dig out and get creative.

Talking of creativity, you’ll have great fun using the handy ‘toolkit’ that comes with every one of our certificates which will enable you to customize this Best Halloween Vampire Award as far as your imagination will take you. We’ve got a great selection of other Halloween costume awards, including one for a devil, mummy etc., but you can change this template to match any costume if you can’t find it on our list. With the fact that many of today’s Halloween fancy dress costumes bear no relevance whatsoever to ghouls, ghosts and vampires, we just couldn’t cover all bases, though we did try!