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About the Certificate Of Marriage Template

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We mentioned this problem when talking about our Birth Certificate, and that is the fact that the genuine, legal document is the same for everyone and while the birth of a child is a very intimate and personal event, so is a marriage. As a consequence, we felt there was a desperate need for a Certificate of Marriage that is personal, and which can be personalized even further. After all, your legal marriage certificate has little romance or love attached to it, it is simply an official document. The great thing with our more romantic Certificate of Marriage is you don’t have to prepare this in advance of the big day, but instead why not create it after the wedding when you’ve got some great photos to upload and include within the certificate. Maybe you’ve even got a photo of the register you signed on the day to include as well.

Thanks to the handy design toolkit we include with all our certificates, you can get ultra-creative and in addition to some photos, you can perhaps add some of your vows and a few other special words that will help to remind you of just how very special your wedding day was. Oh, and like the wedding register, don’t forget to sign this Certificate of Marriage as well!