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About the Certified Virgo Award Template

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If you know someone born between August 23 and September 22, you may even be in a relationship with them, chances are that you don’t get to see that much of them. You may not know why, but perhaps you’ll feel better when you discover its’s nothing personal. Those born under the star sign Virgo are renowned for being workaholics. So, what better way to let them know you understand that they are just a very driven and very focused person? They may feel guilty they aren’t paying you enough attention or always seem to be putting you off or cancelling arrangements, so this will make them feel a lot better about the situation.

There again, maybe they weren’t born between those dates, but they are displaying those very same character traits and you are not a happy bunny, especially as it’s not even Easter. So, maybe they’ve ignored your less-than-subtle hints and need a more tangible message that will make them stop and think more often, especially if that reminder is in a frame and hanging on the wall beside them! There are many different ways to resolve problems, and presenting someone with one of our great-looking certificates is certainly one of the more tactful ones…