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About the Christmas Greetings 2 Template

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Now you can have some great fun with this template, depending on how mischievous you are feeling. You can play it safe and grab an image of the lucky recipient of your Christmas Greetings card, probably off Facebook or Instagram, and upload it alongside an appropriate image of you in your Christmas best attire. There again, you could do some begging and pleading to get an embarrassing image of the recipient from Christmas many years ago, they'll see the joke though, hopefully, or that'll see you crossed off their own Christmas card list.

We've created a load of handy design tools so you can go crazy and let your creative streak blossom. We've even included a massive range of additional images you can add to the card. Once you've discovered just how great your final design is, you'll be coming back here to help yourself to all the other great templates we have for just about every occasion imaginable.