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About the Eddie Izzard On Life Quotation Template

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Sometimes the most obvious and simple sayings mean so much more than meets the eye. Black humor walks a fine line between the absurd and the macabre, but Eddie Izzard nailed it with this one. Sometimes we need something to look at that will instantly cheer us up, or give us that little motivational fillip, and a quote like this will always help you see the funny side of things. We like quotes, and you'll see we have free certificate templates for quite a few. Check back in a few weeks and you'll probably find there are even more. We've noticed that these are some of the most popular templates used on our certificates website. You may even know someone who would appreciate being given this as a thoughtful present out of the blue. Add a few design extras to make the gift more personal, click print, and prepare to make someone's day for them! It really is that simple...