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About the Eggs Ellent Behavior Award Template

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Children love rewards and surprises, so what a perfect opportunity to combine the two. Easter is traditionally a time when children (and some adults) don’t always remain on their best behavior, thanks in part to the desperate search for where the Easter Bunny may have hidden some chocolate eggs, and the subsequent consequences of a fairly hefty sugar rush. It’s as though someone has hit the ‘hyper’ button on your children and the day just can’t end soon enough. However, not all children cause mayhem at Easter and when those who overstep the mark and are asked to calm down, actually do so, don’t they deserve a reward for behaving themselves?

We think they should, which is why we have created a Certificate of Eggs-ellent Behavior which can be presented to the lucky recipient, or recipients, towards the end of what sounds like it will have been a seriously fun and enjoyable day. All you have to do is add their name and then, if you are feeling creative, add a few extra personal touches, which is as easy as falling off a log with our handy design toolkit. All you then have to do then is click “print” and you’re good to go…