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About the Good Sportsmanship Template

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Sportsmanship has almost become a word from the past the way that professionalism in sport has seen the original meaning of “sportsmanship” virtually disappear. Competitiveness is something that we are force fed today with phrases such as “win at all costs” the cry of many a team manager. OK, we’ll admit that “it’s the taking part that counts” sucks as a consolation when you have just been beaten, but when winning at all costs is the only way to win, doesn’t that take away some of the pleasure?

However, just occasionally, you will witness true “sportsmanship” when a player calls a foul on themselves, doesn’t claim a try because they dropped the ball just before touching it down, or doesn’t claim a catch in cricket or baseball because the ball touched the ground, even though they know the referee didn’t see what happened. So, maybe good sportsmanship wont’ always see you win a trophy, but you can feel proud, hold your head up high, and above all else, become a worthy recipient of our Good Sportsmanship Certificate. Perhaps you have seen someone exemplify the true spirit of sportsmanship and want then to know you approve of their actions. They will be chuffed beyond belief to receive such a thoughtful acknowledgement from you.