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About the Hapkido Black Belt Certificate Template

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Hapkido is one of the lesser-known martial arts, but more and more people are becoming aware of it, which is exactly why we felt it appropriate to create a Hapkido Belt Certificate. While achieving a new belt status, that will only be known to those in the person's immediate surroundings such as other students, but what about letting lots of people know about such an achievement? What better way than to be able to frame and hang an official-looking certificate on the wall at home?

We've created a special Hapkido belt template which can be altered to any coloured belt awarded, then just add the recipient's name and if you have one, a picture of them sporting their new colour belt. What's great about these templates is you can even download a digital image of the completed certificate which can then be emailed to the recipient for them to post on their social media.