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About the Kungfu Black Belt Certificate Template

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Famous names like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan proliferate the world of kung fu and have turned it into a more Hollywood-style martial art as opposed to the one steeped in the history of China’s past. That should never diminish from the kung fu practices of the likes of Ip Man, one of China’s greatest exponents of this martial art. This is an imbalance which has the potential to undermine the exceptional achievement of anyone obtaining a black belt in kung fu, and here at Clever Certificates, we wanted to redress the balance and provide a tasteful certificate to mark the occasion when either you, or someone you know, obtains their black belt.

As this is an achievement very few can add to their list of memorable lifetime occasions, it requires to be marked with something equally as special and unique, which is why our Kungfu Black Belt Certificate is totally customizable, enabling you to make it ultra-personal. It is a sign of respect, which the glad recipient will recognize and appreciate more than you might hope.