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About the Math Wizard Award Template

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The burning question here is who is more excited? Your child for having excelled at math in school, or you, the proud parent, whose child has clearly inherited your genes for being a genius? One thing’s for sure, it’s great news that someone seems adept at math as, along with English, this is the cornerstone, or is that foundation, of a good academic future. Maybe they’ll even become an architect or a builder! It is a tricky one not to come over as the all-too-proud parent, yet equally important to make your mathematical whizz know “they done good” and that they are allowed to feel extra special. Of course, you could also threaten to take their Math Wizard Award back if they don’t do as well in their next test as an incentive to keep doing their homework.

Two times two or three clicks of your mouse, divided by adding a few extra personal words to this great-looking Math Wizard Award, equals one very happy recipient who won’t just feel they’re top of the class, but on top of the world too.