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About the Merry Christmas Certificate Template

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Like clockwork, once every 365 days, Christmas arrives, and we are (pleasantly) forced to find innovative ways to let those who matter to us know just how much. Without doubt the best gifts are those with a little extra thought behind them, which is exactly what the end result of every Clever Certificates has, thoughtfulness. Better still, you can take our Merry Christmas certificate and then adapt it to make it even more personal for each and every person you feel deserves to be given an extra-special gift at Christmas.

Thanks to the handy and easy-to-use toolkit we provide with each certificate, you can get super-creative and add your own festive cheer to a personalized message. From stock Christmas images to personal photographs, perhaps from last Christmas, you can add them all and in the end, you will have a Merry Christmas yourself knowing that you have created such a thoughtful gift for a special group of people. Of course, you don’t even have to print the certificate off if you are unlikely to meet someone face to face as you can send it in an email and still make someone smile.