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About the My Valentine Forever Certificate Template

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Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, and once a year he pokes his head out from under the pile of other saints who play a part in our lives, like St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, to spread love and happiness. Like so many of today's ‘celebrations', the day seems to have been hijacked and turned into another ‘commercial' day, which is a shame. Instead, we like to keep things more personal and intimate, which is why we have our own Happy Valentine's Day message which you can give to the love of your life.

We want you to make it as personal as possible, so to help you, everything on the template we have created can be changed using the handy design tools that come with it. Perhaps you have your own pet names for each other, maybe you have a favorite saying or quote? Maybe you've got a photograph of the two of you together which you can also upload to the card to make it unique? The options are endless, and the designing is great fun!