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About the Participation Award Template

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Where do we begin with what is, without doubt, one of our most popular certificates? There are endless scenarios where this certificate will be gratefully received by its numerous recipients. It is ideal where sports are concerned, when young, kids need encouragement to take part, and keep taking part, especially when they learn, at first hand, the true meaning of defeat – a Participation Award makes a great Band Aid. Then you have voluntary work where wonderful people give of their time and labour willingly and for no reward other than to help make a difference. Spending money on them by buying thank you mementos is a nice touch, but a little counterproductive as the whole idea of voluntary work is that it is for minimal cost – cue our great-value certificates and awards. Maybe its for participants in a charity fun run, a bring-and-buy sale, a school sports day, the list just goes on forever.

The great thing about our certificates is they are so easy to personalise thanks to the handy design tools, that you can print off as many copies as you need, and it won’t have taken up half your day!