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About the Pokemon Go Champion Award Template

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While we're not sure we fully understand the concept of Pokemon, what we do know is that it is a great way to get kids to interact with each other, and trading characters for them, is as serious a business as that of anyone trading shares on the stock market. While you may not inwardly be able to rejoice as much at the news of how many Pokemon characters your son or daughter managed to collect in a day, you have to admit that being able to quickly design and print off a personalized certificate to mark the occasion will certainly help to bridge the ‘generation gap'.

Most PCs and laptops come with artwork tools, so you should be able to photoshop an image of your son or daughter onto a Pokemon character, and then the easy-to-use design tools with our Pokemon template can be used to upload the image to the certificate itself. Add their name, a few more random Pokemon characters and click ‘print'. Job done, and one soon to be ecstatic child is ready for their surprise!