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About the Pokemon Trainer Certificate 2 Template

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It's a big day in any child's life when they complete their Pokemon training so they can then start to work their way up to level 5 and enter a gym (yes, we don't really know what that means either!) Pokemon is the most amazing worldwide phenomenon, and it is a great game for young kids to get involved in. So, why not get involved yourself, if not by playing the game, then by creating a special and personalized Pokemon Training Certificate for your son or daughter for when they complete their training?

We've started you off with a Pokemon-themed template for you to add more Pokemon images to, perhaps photoshop a Pokemon image of your son or daughter onto it; the choices are limitless thanks to the easy-to-use design tools we've included with the template. And if you want to know what your child's reaction will be when you present them with their certificate, just Pikahead!