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About the Proof Of Friendship Award Template

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“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is an often-used phrase but many question what it actually means. Is it a case of questioning if someone who needs you as a friend is a genuine friend themselves or is just using you, or does it mean that a real friend is someone who is there when you need a friend? It is actually the latter, which is the type of person who will more than deserve being a recipient of a Proof of Friendship Award. Women are usually more open with their feelings and men tend to be more reserved, so this award is ideal for those of you who aren’t very good at being open or speaking what is on your mind as well.

It is also a great gift for one of your children to give to a new friend they have made at school, as when really young, friendships can be fleeting, don’t go as deep, and can end abruptly, but they are just as important all the same. Suggesting they give a Proof of Friendship Award to their new friend will help them understand the importance of friendships at a young age, as well as make their new friend seriously happy.