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About the Certified Baby Prints Template

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In the same way so many of us cherish that first scan of our soon-to-be-born child, there is something rather magical about recording our baby's footprints and handprints. Like the hand and footprints outside Gauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, this is a true record of someone's existence, and is personal as a signature, even though babies can't actually write. Our Certified Baby Prints can also be that very personal and unforgettable gift that will be received with warm thanks and which will be guaranteed to be safely tucked away in that box of keepsakes everyone has of their child's first few years.

We've made it as simple as one, two, three to create a unique certificate where all you need to do is add the child's name, upload a photo if you'd like, tweak the design of you're feeling ultra-creative, and hit the print button. All you need to do then is order some baby-safe paint and you're good to go.