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About the Greatest Geek Award Template

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Let’s face it, we’re all secretly jealous of geeks – not everything about them, just the fact they tend to have an amazing knowledge about techy things. Not only do they know how things work, but they could probably build them as well their knowledge is so profound. We tend to tease geeks somewhat unfairly, even if they do bring it on themselves sometimes by trying to explain the most complex of topics in a way that makes us feel mentally lacking. Perhaps you’ve been a “victim” of a geek who has provided you with an extensive explanation about something that you weren’t even particularly interested in.

However, if you think we are being a bit harsh and you think geeks are cool, then perhaps you could award our Greatest Geek Award to one of them as a way of congratulating them and encouraging them to continue sharing their immense knowledge with everyone. In truth, geeks deserve to be celebrated and to receive awards as without them, doubtless many of today’s scientific achievements would not have happened. Fortunately you don’t have to be a design geek to print off a copy of this great award, just help yourself to the handy design toolkit included and in no time you’ll have printed off the perfect award for someone who will then proceed to tell you exactly how digital printers work!