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About the Happy Easter Certificate Template

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Without doubt this is the turkey's favorite holiday of the year as it is pretty much the only time turkey isn't on the menu! Instead it is chocolate, and the only animals that are eaten are bunnies and chicks, and even then they are also made of chocolate. Logically thinking, why don't we have chocolate turkeys at Christmas and Thanksgiving? Anyhow, one shouldn't forget that Easter is a very significant religious festival celebrating the resurrection of Christ, and while so many of you celebrate Easter with chocolate, we thought it would be a great idea to be able to print off an Easter Certificate that you can present to those who are perhaps of a more religious persuasion.

We have provided you with a free certificate template to get you started, and thanks to the handy design tools you can personalize it to your heart's content. Maybe you'd prefer a cartoon chick to a rabbit, or perhaps you would like to use a more religious image. Our easy-to-use design tools will enable you to upload any image from your PC and you can easily add a quote from the Bible as well.