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About the Baby Footprints Certificate Template

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This is one of our most popular certificates when it comes to babies. Somehow there is an inbuilt need to create an extremely personal record of the first few days of your newborn’s life, and taking their footprints is one sure-fire way to do this.

However, simply adding their footprints to a plain piece of paper and scribbling their name, date of birth and weight doesn’t make for the most attractive of mementos, and it’s not really representative of your excitement when you show it to friends. Our advice is to make sure you use a ‘child friendly’ and water soluble paint if you haven’t done this before!

You can run off a copy of your own personalized Baby Footprints certificate, complete with a selection of images which you can upload to the certificate to make it ‘ultra-personal’. With the easy-to-use design tools, you can include your baby’s name and perhaps a special nursery rhyme that you sing to your newborn as you tuck them in, or cradle them in your lap. You can also make several certificates, perhaps using them as presents for Godparents at the christening, or for the proud grandparents to enjoy as well.