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About the Best Thanksgiving Turkey Award 2 Template

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Were it not for George Washington, the American President, Thanksgiving wouldn’t exist. Back at the end of the 1700s, he declared that the fourth Thursday in November should be a national day for giving thanks for all that is good in life. Thanksgiving has now spread across the globe and has, to a degree, been hijacked by those who are just looking for an excuse to roast the biggest turkey they can get their hands on, and then invite all their friends around to share it. It’s party time! So, what better way to make the chef feel all the blood sweat and tears they expended while preparing such a banquet has been appreciated, than to present them with a Best Thanksgiving Turkey Award? Of course, you have to also explain that the award does not signify that you are an out-and-out glutton and you have not eaten four other Thanksgiving dinners that day, but that you are referring back to previous Thanksgiving dinners!

The great thing is you only have to add their name and click ‘print’ and you have the perfect, thoughtful gift for someone, or you can get doubly creative and use the design tools to produce something totally unique, depending on whether you are feeling inspired or totally devoid of inspiration – we cater for everyone with our certificates…