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About the Certificate Of Farewell Template

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Whether it is a work colleague, a neighbor, a member of the family, or just a good friend, people enter and leave our lives on a regular basis (we mean separate people, not the same people coming and going all the time!). When someone we know well is heading off on a new venture, whether moving house or leaving work, there will always be a time when they look back on the times they knew you. Giving them a Farewell Certificate is a genuinely personal way of letting them know that you wish them the very best, and also it lets them know that they meant something special to you. It is the sort of thing that we know many of you had wished you had said in the past, but couldn't find the words or opportunity.

If you look closely at the template, you will see that virtually every section of it can be changed using the design tools, which means that you can adapt it completely to virtually any farewell situation. You can even upload images and pictures, so there's room to include a photo of yourself just to make doubly sure they don't forget about you when they're gone.