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About the Certified Aquarius Award Template

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Are you a lover of water, a bit of a slippery fish? Is there something about your character and nature that fits with the astrological attributes of a typical Aquarius? We all like to be individuals, and next to nobody doesn't know what their birth sign is, but we don't all show exactly the same characteristics, no matter how big a shoal of fish we belong to. Why not have some fun with our Aquarius template and maybe fool your mom and dad, or friends, even your husband or wife by creating your own Aquarius Certificate which you can tailor exactly to who you are. That way you can just say you can't help the way you behave when chastised, pointing to your certificate as proof!

You can change all of the wording we've included in the template if you want to, and you can add astrological images to make it even more, well astrological! The design tools will enable the creative side of the Aquarius in you to run riot, and you can then post the results on your social media as we've developed a design tool which will enable you to download a digital image of your finished certificate for just such a purpose.