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About the Good Behavior Certificate Template

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Now, where do you begin with this certificate? Do you give it to your husband or wife for being on their best behavior and not going hunting with his pals or nagging you to death, or do you give one to each of your kids? What about the family dog? Maybe your mother-in-law has been staying for a while and this time not brought the two of you to the brink of a divorce? Perhaps it's one of your colleagues at work who's always getting into trouble, or maybe you want to be really tongue-in-cheek and put one in your neighbor's post box for not playing loud music or letting off his gun at midnight as usual?

We've provided you with a design template to give you some guidance, but as you'll soon discover, you can change all of the text and add innumerable images thanks to the handy design tools we've also included, that you'll find very easy to master. Once you've created one certificate, we reckon there'll be no stopping you.