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About the Happy 4th Of July Flag Template

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The Fourth of July 1776 is probably the most important date in the calendar of American History. It is the ‘birthday of all birthdays’ as Americans from north to south, east to west, and the world over, celebrate that day as the one their country gained its independence from Britain. No wonder the day is one that is looked forward to so much each year as becoming an independent nation is quite a milestone in any country’s history. It’s also a curious fact that for the first 100 or so years the Americans didn’t celebrate their independence at all, and it was only in 1870 that Congress declared July 4th a national holiday. Curiously, without all the feasting and bunting, fireworks had been used prior to that date to mark, as opposed to celebrate that special day, which is why they are such an important part of today’s celebrations.

Today, the Fourth of July is unrecognizable to the ‘days of old’, but if ever you need an excuse to watch some serious firework displays, there really isn’t a much better time. Maybe you’re American or perhaps you know someone who is. Perhaps you even live in America, but either way, what better way to make this next July 4th even more memorable by getting creative with our Fourth of July ‘certificate’, either for yourself or as a thoughtful gift to someone?