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About the Kindergarten Diploma Template

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Remember how fearful you were the first day you dropped your child off at kindergarten, wondering if they would be OK and hoping beyond hope they would be able to cope without you by their side? Remember the day when all your fears were allayed the moment you dropped them off, and without a backward glance they ran off in excitement at this new world they had just discovered, leaving you feeling somewhat hurt and upset?

It may only seem like a few months ago, not years, when you first brought them to kindergarten, but this is a milestone in your child's life that deserves to be remembered, which is why we have created the Kindergarten Diploma especially for you. This is a must-have addition to the memory box where you keep all those little mementos of special days in your children's lives, and there will be a place for this certificate in there once you feel it is time to take it down off the wall, having put it on display to show them just how proud you are of them.

With our handy toolbox of easy-to-use design aids, you can add extra images of your son or daughter attending kindergarten, or perhaps you will want to add some of the images we have uploaded to the site, either way, we know that when you have finished and printed off a copy, somebody is going to be thrilled to bits with their surprise present.