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About the Most Improved Student Award Template

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One of the problems with being a teacher or lecturer is effectively encouraging those students who are struggling. Okay, some of them are genuinely lazy and are too easily distracted, usually by another person if they are in their teens, and are therefore ultra-difficult to motivate. However, there are other students who aren’t naturally gifted in the cerebral region and who have to work twice as hard to do half as well as the really bright students. For them it is soul-destroying at times to see others continually achieving A grades when for them a C+ is a major victory. How do you motivate these students and make them feel they are the real achievers? The answer is simple – openly acknowledge the effort to improve as opposed to the actual grades. That way those students who don’t come top of the class despite all their efforts will at least see that you don’t favour the smarter students and that you do notice the effort being made by others. It levels the playing field and makes for a more all-inclusive environment.

With just a few clicks of your mouse and the addition of the lucky recipient’s name, you have a great Most Improved Student Award that will make someone’s day, and it won’t break the bank either…