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About the My First Easter Award 2 Template

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You don’t have to be a practicing Christian for Easter to be a special day for your newborn child, especially as Easter is a day that so many young children look forward to anyway. While your child will not be able to celebrate the day in the same way as older children as hundreds of chocolate Easter Eggs will be off the list, adding this award to a few fluffy Easter bunnies or cute chicks will more than make up for it. One of the best things about the award is that it will add to the ‘memory box’ you create that will be filled with reminders of special events in your child’s life.

With his award you also have a couple of options. You can either present it on the day, or you can create it a few days after and include some of the photographs you will most likely have taken at the time. Of course, this certificate doesn’t have to be for your own child. Perhaps you know someone who is a new parent and who might appreciate such a thoughtful gift for them and their child too.