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About the Perfect Pumpkin Award Template

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Ah yes. Halloween and the favourite time of year for pumpkin farmers where demand skyrockets by 1,000% and any fruit and veg aisle in supermarkets looks like it has been invaded by a horde of pumpkins determined to take over the world! Would they be so enthusiastic to be noticed if they knew what fate was about to befall them? It matters not as their fleeting lives will not have all been in vain as they live on through bringing a little extra light into the world. However, some pumpkins end up being luckier than others depending on the knife-wielding skills of their new owner. For every hollowed-out pumpkin lantern masterpiece that draws ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ from admiring passers-by, there are ten more that genuinely strike fear into people through their accidentally created ghoulish looks that only come to light at the dead of night with the help of one small tea light candle.

So, when you do see an ‘ooh-worthy’ pumpkin lantern that shows up all the competition, why not reward the ‘craftsperson’ with a Pumpkin Carving Award just to let them know that you were seriously impressed with their skills?