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About the Star Student Certificate Template

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We’re pleased to say that this certificate wasn’t designed specifically for students who are at stage school or who are studying theatre and drama, though they are, of course, still included. No, what we are referring to is a pupil who has done particularly well at your “normal” school. If you are a mom or dad, maybe your son or daughter has come home with a fabulous report card – we mean they have done well at school, not that the card is on fancy stationery – and they deserve to be made to feel special. As kids, don’t we all seek our parents’ approval, so what better way to show your approval? Maybe you’re a teacher and want to find an inexpensive but still impressive way to reward one of your star pupils too?

The great thing about this certificate is that it is simple to personalise, while you can also get a little extra-creative and use our easy-to-use design tools to make it even more individual and unique. One thing’s for sure, your star student is going to feel even more proud of their achievement now that it has been officially recognized and they have some evidence to show their parents they are doing well with their studies.