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About the Carl Sagan Quotation Template

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When things don’t quite go to plan for someone, especially with their work, life becomes a real challenge and it can sometimes be difficult to find that little bit of extra motivation to overcome what life throws at you. Depending on who you are, sometimes it can be a lonely place where you feel you have been singled out and that nothing you try goes according to plan. There really is no solution to such a situation, other than perseverance and belief that things will change.

If you know of someone who is sinking under the weight of the world, who really could do with a ‘lift’ and something to energise them, we think that the receipt of this quote from Carl Sagan will help to get them back on the right track. Coming from you and presented in the form of this beautifully designed ‘certificate’, it will just let them know they are not as alone as they thought, that someone is aware they have a battle on their hands, and that they have an ally who understands their predicament. Sometimes we don’t know what to say to help, so we turn to the wise words of others instead.