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About the Certified Libra Award Template

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One always has to be careful when using the word “certified”, especially when dealing with, for many of us, the little-known world of astrology. Do we think that those who firmly believe in the alignment of stars and planets has a direct influence on our lives are “the full shilling”, or do we think they should be “certified”, as in certified insane?! One thing’s for sure, if astrology really was a load of hocus pocus, why has it been a part of our lives for millennia? Sure, we can all have our own thoughts and opinions on the validity of astrology, but nobody can really make any definitive statements either way. However, one thing is for certain, if someone is born between September 23 and October 23, then their star sign is Libra.

Maybe you know someone born between those dates and whose principal character traits are fixated on a combination of balance and harmony – hence why the zodiacal sign for Librans is a set of scales – as they definitely deserve a Certified Libra Award. Thanks to the handy design toolkit we include with all our awards and certificates, you can also get creative and add some personal touches, just to make the lucky recipient feel extra special.