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About the Ninjitsu Black Belt Certificate Template

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Ninjitsu is one of the lesser-known martial arts and perhaps that is because it has become a victim of its very nature. Stealth is a key element, tactics and being able to take your enemy by surprise are core elements. The problem is, if you are too stealthy, then nobody will ever get to find out that you are now a major exponent of Ninjutsu! To achieve a black belt in any of the martial arts is a remarkable achievement and while we may all use the term ‘black belt’ almost as a taken-for-granted assumption everybody will get a black belt if the practice their martial art regularly, we know that to be far from the case. We respect the fact that it takes an exceptional level of dedication, as well as a long time, before anyone is awarded a black belt.

That is exactly why we felt it was only appropriate to provide a Ninjutsu Black Belt Certificate among our extensive list of martial arts’ certificates. More to the point, this certificate is so easily customizable that you can add photographs, ideally of the recipient proudly sporting their black belt, to make it ultra-personal. It’s the least they deserve to celebrate such an achievement.