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About the Outstanding Student Award Template

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What is your definition of an outstanding student? If you are a teacher or lecturer, it could either be one of your students who continually comes top of all their classes. However, it could just as easily be a student who has overcome personal problems to achieve grades that are just above average. It may even be a student who works their socks off in order to just scrape a pass. If you are a mom or dad, or even a grandparent, that “outstanding student” could be your child or grandchild who you are simply inordinately proud of, no matter if they are top of the class or not. Whichever, way, their efforts need rewarding and encouraging, so what better way then to create a personal Outstanding Student Award and presenting it to them when they have done well?

You can add the name of the school, college or university to make it ultra-personal, and with the easy-to-use design tools, in just a few seconds you can be printing off a great-looking certificate that will really make the lucky recipient’s day and let them know that their efforts have been noticed more than they may have thought.