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About the Groucho Marx Quotation Template

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The Internet is littered with witty phrases from Julius Henry Marx, aka Grouch, and this is one of our favorites. If you haven't watched any of the Marx Brothers' films from the 1930's then we promise you there's a real treat in store just waiting for you. We know you like quotes such as these as it is impossible not to smile when you read them and laugh inwardly, if not have the occasional chuckle. Quotes like these stand the test of time, which is why so many of you have copies of them on display in your home and office.

Get some quality card for printing – you'd be surprised just how stiff a card your home printer can take – and start getting creative. You can print the quote off as we have designed it, or you can use our handy design tools to make it more personal. We will be expanding our range of quotes soon for you to print off, though we won't be including any from one of the other Marx brothers, Harpo. If you don't know why, get Googling to find out!