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About the Perfect Attendance Certificate Template

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Do we really need inducements beyond personal pride and sense of achievement when it comes to attendance? The simple truth is that for some, the answer is yes. It needn’t be a huge prize or a financial bonus, but it still needs to have a value, even if it is not tangible. For many, achieving a perfect attendance record is not the reward, it is not missing out on something, such as a Perfect Attendance Certificate that really matters. Psychology is powerful stuff… Now, other than school, there are plenty of other situations where a Perfect Attendance Certificate will be seen as a great achievement, such as a weight watcher’s class or a quitting smoking group. For anyone in charge of any event which requires regular attendance, being able to offer Perfect Attendance Certificates to deserving recipients will be a great occasion for all concerned.

As for how many certificates you will need or concerns about having to print of certificates with different names, our certificates are so simple to adapt and personalise that it will take you next to no time to print them off, roll them into a tube and tie a red ribbon round them to give them an extra special feel of genuine achievement.