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About the Best Christmas Tree Award Template

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Sometimes it can be difficult to think of something novel and fun for Christmas, so we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Whether it’s a gift for dad or mom who struggled through town dragging the tree behind them, or the kids who had the best fun ever decorating the tree once you got it home and through the door, having remembered too late why you don’t cut the restrictive netting before you do that, our Best Christmas Tree Award will go down as well as two mince pies and a glass or three of something mildly intoxicating.

We’ve created a great-looking award certificate template to get you started, and you can add anything else you’d like thanks to the simple design tools we have provided for you. Upload images and photos, add some of your own designs, and look out Santa! You can even take a photograph of your twinkling and sparkling tree and add that to the template, it really couldn’t be easier and more fun to do.