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About the Certified Aries Award Template

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There's no pulling the wool over the eyes of anyone born under the sign of Aries. Maybe you know someone who is an Aries but who thinks astrology is a load of bunkum. Now is your chance to get your own back by creating an Aries certificate that mirrors their character perfectly. With our professional quality templates, the certificate you create will have a genuine look of authenticity about it, and make it so much easier for you to have a good laugh at your friend's expense.

We've created a template to give you some direction, but all the words can easily be changed with the tools that come with it. You can really go to town on your own character description, and you can even upload additional astrological symbols to make it look even more authentic. We've got a free certificate template for each and every astrological sign, so you could have a lot of fun at the expense of loads of people, who are bound to see the funny side, assuming that is, you let them in on your little secret.