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About the Certified Leo Award Template

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What’s your take on astrology? Do you understand the relevance of the position of planets and how that can affect our daily lives, our future? Are you an avid reader of horoscopes or, more to the point, do you know someone who is? We’ve all got a friend who, at some point in time, will announce they read their horoscope and, on that particular day, it was eerily accurate, right down to the point where they really did meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger! Perhaps we shouldn’t belittle such instances as often we ‘poo-poo’ ideas and beliefs simply because we don’t have enough knowledge on the subject to be able to form a genuine opinion.

Maybe you do or maybe you don’t believe in astrology, but chances are you’ll know someone who does. Now, if they were born between July 23 and August 22, then they are a Leo. If that person is also quite fiery, passionate and really loves themselves, then they are definitely a Leo and you don’t need to see their birth certificate to prove it! So, just to let them know they are the epitome of their star sign, why not personalise our Certified Leo Award and present them with it when they are in a particularly self-adoring mood, if only to let them know you understand why they are made that way!