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About the Cleverest Halloween Mother Template

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Before you try to work out whether this certificate needs to be given to someone’s mother who is a doctor, or another child’s mother who is an attorney, you can relax and turn your attention to all the kids who have come to your house before going out trick-or-treating. We’ve got a whole range of certificates and awards for children to acknowledge the fantastic fancy dress costumes they are wearing, but what about the creative driving force behind them? Surely there has to be some sort of award to give someone who has gone that extra mile to create an outstanding fancy dress costume for their progeny, no?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we haven’t forgotten about the ‘unsung heroes’ of Halloween and have included an award for the Cleverest Halloween Mother. But now you’ll be wondering when you’ll have time to create this certificate when you’ve got a house full of little devils? We’ve thought about that too as you can get creative with our easily customizable template well in advance of the day, then all you need to do is add a name and click your mouse later on, and voila! One hot-off-the-press award that will make someone’s mom really, really happy…