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About the Most Original Costume Award Template

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It doesn’t matter if your eight or seventy-eight, when it comes to going to a fancy-dress party, you want to dress to impress and be seen as the person in the best costume. We’d love to say this Most Original Costume Award was created to give to the scariest-looking child at Halloween or at a fancy-dress birthday party, but this is not just for kids, it’s also for adults, though try not to get too excited! If you or your friends are ultra-competitive, the announcement of a Most Original Costume Award will see everyone bringing their A game and who knows what limits originality has, but hopefully beyond a SpongeBob SquarePants costume.

No doubt if you want to win this award, you’ll have to think of an unbiased adjudicator (not your wife or husband, brother, sister, cousin, or other relative), on top of designing your outfit, but the good news it takes next to no time at all to print off this certificate. You can add a few extras to thanks to the handy design tools included, but try not to fill your name in as the winner just yet or people will suspect it wasn’t a fair competition!